Reactive services

As part of this service package, we are offering the management and resolution of database infrastructure incidents for our customers. The service includes a start-up and assessment phase of the customer’s infrastructure, during which procedures of intervention and management of the service will be shared, for example a tracking system of measures shared with the customer, recruitment of support specialists, monitoring and constant service improvement.

To provide assistance services, we may adopt the most suitable levels of service for our customer’s needs in terms of assistance, confirmation and first incident analysis and, if necessary, also service plans to apply workarounds and incident resolution.

The DBA specialist intervenes remotely in the event of a malfunction or failure of the systems covered by the service and as a result of system support escalation of the customer and / or reporting of the monitoring system.


Service can be set up on different formats and hourly coverage:

  • 8×5 Business Time
  • 16×5 Extra Time o Night Availability
  • 24×7 Always