Performance and database optimization

We employ specialists capable of optimizing mission critical databases with low, medium and high levels of complexity and growth. In case your company doesn’t have a dedicated expert to perform tuning & performance activities, you can request a checkup, to detect performance issues and suggest appropriate improvements, thus reducing inadequate performance.

Interested in a Database checkup?

The performance & tuning service can be delivered on a regular basis or scheduled as a one-off assignment. You may experience performance issues, system crashes or frequent downtime following an upgrade. Our DBAs can analyze every database aspect and perform a checkup to ensure that the DB is fully optimized and that your scalability goals are achieved.

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, as it is vital to identify misused resources and bottlenecks that are causing performance problems. The DBAs suggest the appropriate changes and – once these changes have been tested and validated – the deployment plan is drawn up to reduce any risk of poor performance in the future and to make the best use of existing tools and technologies.

Best Practices

Our DBAs perform analysis of customer databases according to an established procedure, following a best practice methodology based on extensive know-how through years of troubleshooting experience:

  • Assess critical infrastructure and issues raised by the customer.
  • Query and response time analysis.
  • Data access speed verification, server configuration, DB and associated parameters.
  • Clustering and consolidation of enterprise applications.
  • Suggestions and database change validation.
  • Clear and comprehensible reporting.