Fee-for-service database management services

Thanks to the assurance services packages, we offer our clients remote management solutions for their databases that have been tested and consolidated over the years, through long-term experience in managing similar services. All the services included in this category are complementary to each other in terms of activities and management responsibilities.

The first solution is “Reactive Services“, which provides “all inclusive” remote management of incident management activities. This solution can be extended through the “Day by day Management” solution, in which we provide the ordinary activities of database administration (e.g. backup management, user management, data import/export).

In addition, we offer the comprehensive solution of “Proactive Services“, which includes all the activities of the previous solutions as well as problem management, patch management, monthly scheduled check-ups on security and performance aspects. The solutions available can be customized according to the customer’s needs and peculiarities. They are usually provided with packages that include service levels starting from a 30-minute service, for business critical environments and bottleneck problems.

We are able to provide solutions, through our experienced DBAs, in working hours business time (8×5), in night coverage solutions in the event that the customer already has an internal support team and wishes to extend management to time slots that are not covered or in complete solutions 365x7xh24.